It`s weird to say this. But I feel like I have to.

Ever since I moved away from Bjørndal, I haven`t really had friends whom weren`t daughters of my mum`s friends, come over to my house. I had someone from my class over once, when I lived in Nannestad, but that was due to an assignment for our English class. I love having people over and if I could I`d have them over every single day, but only if I had someone to invite.

But yesterday I had Sara and Thea over. (I hope it`s okay for both of you if I write your names on here, haha.) I invited them some few weeks ago, as Sara suggested the three of us should hang out together. I had an amazing day. We talked about everything and nothing, played this fun game, they tasted Pakistani food and watched Indian serials (to my surprise). They`re, to my surprise, really interested in me, as in they want to get to know more about me and where I come from. That`s what real friends do. They`re both Christians and read the Bible often, and I`ve barely meet young people like them who`re so in love with their religion. I love talking to them about religion, as I have mine and they have theirs and we have a lot to learn from each other.They were also interested in those Indian serials, which offer a lot of dramatical music, zooming-in and dragging. I`m used to it, but Sara and Thea weren`t, so they had a fun time watching them.

I`d love to have them over anytime again. I think visiting each other is a great way of getting to know  each other and I`ll definetely be visiting them later. Thanks for making my day. I`m thankful for having the both of you in my life. 🙂



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