Some days ago I got a message from an editor and writer for a magazine called Sisterhood. Apparentely, they were searching for Muslim women who would like to write for them about pretty much anything. Everything from articles and essays to poems and photographies.

Of course I said yes to this great opportunity. I love writing and I`ve actually been thinking of studying journalism. Too much I want to do, you know. That`s the problem. But, writing for a magazine is a great beginning!

They read my article on Islam and extremism and wanted to have a voice like mine. What makes me even happier is how so many have told me they`d love to hear more from me. Some even believe I should become a journalist, haha.. It`s nice to hear those sort of things, you know. It`s great to know people love listening to what I have to say. It started with an anonymous article when I was in ninth grade. Who said words don`t have the power to create changes or change your life? I`m so damn proud of myself and everything I`ve achieved so far. It might not be much to people, but it`s so much to me.

People wanted to hear more from me, and here I already am! I still can`t believe I wrote that article, but here I am. I did it and I.. just have to accept that? Haha, the magazine is a global online magazine which will launch next week. I`m so excited to see what they`ve managed to do! Stay tuned!


Let`s put on our smiles because that`s what we do when we`re doing good.


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