PS: Sorry about the articles on Norwegian – I`m aware not all of my readers understand the language, but I hope the content in the post still is understandable!


Several times I`ve talked about being lonely here, on my blog. I`ve told you how it is to feel lonely and the consequences I`ve had to go through as a result of sharing it with people. In one of my lastest posts I claimed that describing your situation in a honest and decent way, has become ranting.. People look at it as complaining, and now I`ve even been told that the solution is for me to get out of the school!large (12)

Not long ago I read an article written by an anonym person about loneliness and how people seem to fear that topic. I thought I`d share it with you guys right away, because let`s face it: It`s an important issue to talk about!

The writer describes how people simply prevent talking about those things. I`d say, it`s not only limited within the students, because in many cases, the teachers aren`t any better.. I`ve been there too! It`s hard to talk about loneliness, not because you don`t want to,  but because people around you don`t allow you too. “Of course nobody likes to listen to grumbling and complaining and nobody wants to be the person who only does those two things either.” I agree, but what I have to experience every day tells me another story. My classmates complain pretty much eeeeevery day. Most of the times not about real issues, but more like “Omg, the teacher gave us sooooo much to do” and “I have too much to do, they can`t give us another assignment to hand it.”

But yet, I and many other students have tried to let people know that we`re not having a good time at school. We`ve tried a little, even if it`s not too much. And eventually, most give up because all the energy is spent trying to make people listen to you. Which is extremely tiring, trust me. So many teachers don`t want to listen to you either!

I want to quote something the author of the article said:

Having properly good friends that you can talk to about everything, isn`t the same as having friends whom you only know on the surface and superficially. The different doesn`t look so big from the outside, but is amazingly large on the inside.

That`s the irony of the loneliness – one strongly craves someone to talk to and someone who`ll listen, but is missing exactly that.

Lonelines isn`t something a person thinks of that much when he or she already has friends. Someone who always supports you. There`s always someone to call or text. Always someone who`s there for you whenever you need them.

But you`re left all alone. Not necessarily without anyone around you, but without people who really hear you and your quiet screams for help.

This is how I`ve felt so many times. I`ve grown up to be a strong, independent woman. But what about that poor third-grader who`s being bullied and tells a teacher because all the time he`ve been told to “tell a teacher if someone`s being mean to you.” And what does that poor boy or girl do when the teacher doesn`t do anything? Do they give up, do they commit suicide like Odin did, do they cry themselves to sleep every night?  There are so many cases every day where the schools don`t take bullying and students who experience loneliness seriously. And it (excuse my language) pisses me off.

Røe Isaksen, our Minister of Education, has come up with several measures schools all over the country will have to follow. For example they`ll have to pay a fine if they don`t do anything to prevent the bullying from happening. It`ll also be easier for parents and students to complain and there`ll be a better guidance. I quite like some of these measures, but  he also thinks teachers need to know more about bullying, the causes and how to prevent it from happening. One can always have more knowledge about all kind of topics in life. Everybody knows bullying isn`t alright and yet so many teachers don`t do anything about it. You don`t need to know why bullies bully in order to be able to help a poor little third-grader. You don`t need to know the effects of bullying in order to tell someone bullying is never alright. It`s not really that complicated. It doesn`t freaking help anybody to know the world`s unfair.

I don`t think we can ever get rid of bullying , at least not as long as humans are so selfish. But, we can for sure do a lot more about it. I don`t have anything against making the principle and school responsible for not doing enough. We need to stop standing and watching it going on – nobody needs to “learn” how to care! We need the government so stop bla-bla-blabbing, we need actions! Maybe it`s true that media only covers the negative cases, but if there are so many of them – well, it pisses me off that we call the ones who`re brave enough to tell people they`re lonely for “complainers” and “loosers” and then claim nobody`s doing anything to prevent bullying from happening. Some people, I swear.


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