Articles here and there claim the use of mobile phones is important for kids these days in order to keep track of the world. It can facilitate learning, it`s important for our social competence and we can`t limit them. Are you kidding me?


I went to a Secondary school where the first thing we did when school started every day, was to hand in our phones. I noticed perhaps once or twice that someone didn`t do as they were told to, but all in all that rule worked very well! The honour goes to JK, whom has the “craziest” ideas ever. However, one of the main reasons for practising something like this was to communicate face to face. With no phones, you`re pretty much forced to talk to people, play football or just hang around with your friends. Trust me when I tell you I`ve never had more interesting conversations than I did at Østmarka.

Now I`m in high-school and oh, what a difference. My two friends, Sara and Thea, aren`t people who`re always glued to their phones, but there are many other students who are. Doesn`t matter whether it`s lunch or not. People use Snapchat during history lessons, scroll through their Instagram feed and text each other. Personally, I`ve used my old Samsung phone to text people, but those people are only my mum or dad if I have something important to tell them. Still, I could`ve survived without my phone because I simply don`t need it when I`m at school. It`s not the end of the world if you can`t send someone a snap of your face or check Facebook for some hours.

It`s tiring to see professionals and experts everywhere. Social competence – really? The best thing for 15-years-old kids to do is to actually talk to each other face to face, instead of on a damn phone. An important part of the school is to get to know each other, it`s to play sports and different games with each other. You don`t need Snapchat or Twitter to play hide and seek. Having a mobile-phone free zone makes you busy, both with studies and people around you. That`s what school`s supposed to be about.

Talking to people improve your social skills. When it comes to the digital part – we have computers to do that job for us. We should only use them when we actually need them.

I never said we should never allow the kids to use a mobile phone. I`m just saying we don`t need to use them at school. Don`t forbid them to take their phones with them to school, but forbid them to use them during the school day. You`re at school to learn how to analyze short stories and what happened during the Civil War – not to learn how to use Snapchat.


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