Today I found a really interesting video, where couples talk about women`s dreams. It`s only 2 mins long. (Click on the picture to get to it)last ned

This happens in both India and Pakistan. Of course not everywhere, but it happens to a lot of people. In 2016 many husbands believe their wives are born to be housewives and nothing else. They don`t have any dreams of their own, they don`t have any rights, they don`t have their wishes. This makes me sick.

Sure, there are SOME women who`re happy with that kind of a life. They`re happy with staying at home every day, taking care of their kids and cooking food for their husbands. It`s hard to believe it because every human being needs to do something that makes themselves satisfied. Everyone needs to become something, to create something and build something. But maybe some women only dream of marriage and family.

But according to this video, these women had (or have) dreams and wishes. One wanted to become a doctor, the other one wants to become a badminton player. But their husbands don`t value their dreams and believe they should stay at home and keep cooking food for them. I don`t want to forget many women around the whole world are fighting for their rights, but what are they really doing if this is what it`s like in 2016?

It saddens me. Deeply. I have friends whom can`t come and visit me because of their parents. I know people who`re silent because they`re girls and women. The whole “you need to become a doctor or engineer” phrase is something we haven`t moved on from. For many parents it`s important to get their rid of their daughters rather than to make them independent and strong. It`s important to make sure the girl`s clean and pretty, so the dad can walk on the streets with a head high.

It`s funny how many Pakistanis point at the USA, the big black devil and believe they`re the reason for the suffering Muslims have to go through these days. I`m just so tired of them ignoring their own problems, of acting like they don`t exist. I`m so damn tired of their acting and pretending. We`re not really going to get anywhere as long as women and men don`t have the same rights. We won`t get anywhere as long as women are thrown out and killed for being who they are.



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