Tomorrow I`m going back to school. It`s been a looooong vacation and I`m ready to go back and do my best the last 3 months I`ve got at Nannestad.

Yeah, my time there is coming to an end. Isn`t that crazy? Isn`t that insane? I swear, I graduated Secondary just yesterday, haha. I left Østmarka yesterday. But, the truth is, almost 3 years have passed and I`m about to finish another chapter now.

I can`t describe what I`m feeling. Somehow, it feels like this has been a long fight. I`ve ended up doing what I never thought I`d do. I raised my voice, I stood up for myself and I stepped out of my comfort zone. I still remember how Hanna (the principle at Østmarka) said no to my speech in tenth, but with tears in her eyes she told me I`m going to help a lot of people and get far in life. With tears in my own eyes I hugged her and tried to taste her words. I guess I didn`t quite understand what she was trying to say then.

I`d like to think I`ve changed someone`s life, I`d like to think I`ve inspired someone to become a better person. That`s my biggest goal in life, along with always being myself and doing what I think is right. I hope I did with my speeches, my articles or with this blog of mine.

Somehow, as time passed by, I became the black sheep at school. It started when I and my school showed up in the newspaper. Perhaps got worse when I was in the newspaper again this January and had another speech about 3 months ago. People talk behind my back on social platforms, most of them are too much of cowards and don`t bother talking to me.

Those last 3 months shall be interested. Thank God I have Sara and Thea – they make my days better and bearable. It`s sad how they`re not in my class, but everything happens for a reason. I`ll keep fighting, I`ll keep smiling and I`ll keep being me.

Cowards can`t take the smile away from my face.



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