Some days ago Monica commented on my blog. She seems like such a lovely girl and her comment made my day:

“I really like to read your thoughts on such interesting matters! I`m sorry to learn things are that bad in your school, it`s sad that teachers have given up.. but please, don`t stop trying to change what seems wrong to you! I admire your will to stand up for what you believe in and hope that nothing will take it from you. You sound like a fighter.”

This comment means a lot to me, as I`m trying my best and it really gives you hope and courage when someone notices your will to change things. It makes me happy that someone sees my effort and try to understand, even if it`s just a little. It makes me glad to find people whom don`t know me, but yet leave a kind and lovely comment. Never take people like that for granted.

Ever since I started this blog I`ve received some comments. Some have been really couraging, while others have been ugly ones. I read everything people comment. Ugly comments don`t really get to me, as almost all of them happen to be anonymous and I know people behind them are cowards. It shocks me how people allow themselves to write certain things down, but I learned years ago that people will take you and your effort for granted and not try to understand where you`re from at all. That`s why nice comments mean a lot to me, but it`s so nice knowing people read what I write and actually spend some time of their lives, even if we`re only speaking of 10 seconds, typing down some nice words. That`s what I take with me in my heart and those comments are what should matter.

So thank you, Monica. I don`t know you and you don`t know me. Yet, your first comment was so nice considering how others have been. Do you know what I admire? People writing down sweet things about people they don`t know. That makes my day.



2 thoughts on “THIS MADE MY DAY

  1. Soo this post is already super old, but I wanted to leave a huge THANK YOU!! This in return made my day. I’ve luckily never encountered a negative comment so far, but I also appreciate every positive one a lot ❤ the blogosphere can be an amazing world full of wonderful people! that's why I try to give back the kindness I receive 🙂 have a lovely day!

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