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I don`t have many friends. I only have Sara and Thea whom are at my age and whom I know I can trust. They are the only ones whom I consider my friends. And I know what I`m going to say now might make me look like a young woman who`s never satisifed, but I`ll still say it: I can talk to them about things I care about, but they`re not politically dedicated. I talk to them about the circumstances at school, but they themselves didn`t realise anything before I spoke up. I want to talk to someone at my age about extremism, radicalization, about what`s going on in the society. And I`m sure I can – but right now I`m on about friends.

I`ve always been talking more to older people – because for some reason, they`ve been able to see the real me. They completely care about me, they see me for who I am, I`ve been able to tell them things I`ve barely told anyone. Damn it, I just can`t explain it. They`ve understood me, took care of me and made me realise what life`s about. They`ve challenged me, shaped me and supported me all along. Glenn, whom was my science and religion teacher at Østmarka, told me once “You think like a 25-years-old woman.” Yes, maybe I hang out with other people because I`m way mature for much of the young generation today. But the real thing is they`ve given me more than what people at my age have given me. I can talk to them properly, they`ve got more life-experience and many take me more seriously. Those I`ve met whom have become my friends at the same time, aren`t superificial. When I met Charlotte some days ago, we didn`t talk about superficial things. Oh,well, she once mentioned her dirty pink pants, but you get the point. We talked about life, what I had to go through, I could give air to my thoughts and she? She gave me advices and listened to me. She didn`t only stare at me, she saw me.

That`s why I`m more politically engaged now when I talk to older people, because it`s easier for me to make them listen and when it comes to that part they gave more to give. Don`t get me wrong – I know there are many girls and boys out there whom are interested in making a change, but personally I have no friends or have had no friends whom have been politically dedicated. Which sucks, when I want to talk about Donald Trump and terror attacks rather than make-up and how much I got drunk last weekend. Talking about clothes, make-up and looks aren`t things we should never talk about – but we shouldn`t always prefer these topics either. Not that I can`t talk to Sara and Thea about more important things – oh, I know I can. But they`re not really (physically) politically dedicated, which makes the case different.

I “just” miss someone at my age whom I can be politically decidated with and whom is actually interested in what I`m talking about. Someone who knows what they`re talking about and is confident. Someone who has something to offer me, something to give, something to share. Too bad I have to go to school tomorrow and do much of the superficial talking again. The “what-I`ve-been-doing”- and “let`s-play-a-joke”-conversation. I`m so tired of it. So tired. 



  1. I SO understand how you feel! When I was younger (let’s say 14-16) I used to have some friends that were a couple of years older than me. My topics of choice were rather philosophical or serious and I could hardly find any people my age to talk about it.
    I had my worst moments when I went to Uruguay for an exchange, 16 years old, and about 95% of the people who had the same age as me were just as you described – just interested in fashion, getting drunk and hooking up with guys. I was closest to my host aunt who was 30+ and my French teacher who was almost 70. I suffered for months before I decided to adapt.
    But I can assure you that there are those young people politically interested out there, maybe closer than you believe. Are you going to finish school soon? Maybe you’ll encounter them in university. Or online?
    Hugs ❤

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    1. Like I said in the post – it`s not like I talk about those kind of things with two of my friends. They`re not superficial, but they`re not really politically dedicated either, you know? Which makes me long for a friend at my age who is. And since I don`t have any friends, I talk to older friends of mine and I`m not the only one, doing that. I think it`s really interesting how many prefer conversations with grown-ups, rather than people at our age. 🙂 Thanks for sharing your experiences! Yeah, I`m finishing high-school soon. In University it`ll be different, so I`m a little excited about that, as well. Love and hugs. 🙂


      1. okay I guess I understand what you mean! I’m pretty sure you’re going to be that grown up that supports younger people someday 🙂 good luck with your last couple of months in high school! 🙂

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