Just dropping by to make you aware of a new page I now have on my blog. If you look above, you find my “about me” page, next to it is the new page called “Genius Hour“. I started this blog as a project for international English, which is a course I`m taking this year. Now we`re doing something called “Genius Hour”, which is a project that allows students to explore their own passions and encourages creativity in the classroom. We`re supposed to work on something that interests us. We have to be productive and explore something we want to learn about. We have to spend weeks researching, before we share the product with either the teacher or the world. I`m not sure what I`ll end up doing, but I know what I`m going to do research on.

I`m going to work on bullying and my great passion question (which is the question we have to do research on) is How does bullying affect us? If you want to know why or want to follow my process, follow my page called “Genius Hour.” 🙂 Everything I post on there won`t show up on the front/main page, as my blog isn`t exactly a project blog.

Hope everyone`s having an amazing day. See you around!

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Considering my last post – don`t consider Sara and Thea superficial, because they`re not. I know they`re not and I never said they are. They don`t even drink or party. When I was on about superficiality, I was more on about other people I surround myself with at school, because of course Sara and Thea aren`t the only people I`m with at school or talk to after school? However, I know they have a lot of interesting thoughts and many times we`ve talked about religion and our beliefs, but they`re just not “out there”, you know? Plus sometimes I`ve felt like shutting up because I`m engaged in something they don`t really have that many thoughts of. That doesn`t mean they have no possibility of being politically dedicated. I think many people agree with me when it comes to having conversations with older people – it`s often easier. Doesn`t matter what the topic is. And, by the way, I`m not the best example of a person who`s politically dedicated. I`ve been in the newspaper some few times and I have this blog where I share my thoughts and opinions. Last night`s post wasn`t really a “diary-post” – many other people can relate and that`s one of the reasons why I wrote this. Now you know that. 🙂


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