DSC_0753.JPGHistory`s always been my favourite subject. It`s so fascinating – I don`t know how to explain it. My favourite subject is the second World War, which is one of the two topics we`re having for our test this week.

But you know, I`m weird, and weird people want to read about all the “fascinating” and weird things out there. How Germany invaded The Sovjet in 1941 doesn`t drag my mind as much as Holocaust does. In class, while revising, I somehow ended up reading an article on “Holocaust denial“.

The reason why it maybe caught my mind, was the fact that I know people whom deny Holocaust. It sucks how that`s even a word we use, in first place. It sucks even harder there are people who think like that. They once said “The Jews digged their own graves” and “They`re making everything up in order to make people feel sorry for them.” I don`t think I need to mention more – you guys already by the way know how JK had to hear “What Hitler did was right” during a parent-teacher meeting more than 4 years ago. I know some people are going to tell me to confront these kind of people with facts, control and patience. Sorry to disappoint you, but I`m only a human and I can`t handle this.

It hurts me to hear these kind of things when I`ve met someone who was in a consentration camp and had to fight for years to get out of there. I met Mathilde, whom I still remember. Oh, for God`s sake, forget how I almost fell asleep during her speech because I was too tired. I still remember how she told us with her lovely voice that “my husband never said one mean word to me”. It felt a little like she was talking to me. She had been there, she had experienced horrifying circumstances, she had to go through systematic evilness. So what happens when people deny the Holocaust? I feel like screaming, I want to laugh at them because I don`t understand how. I`ve also been in four of the camps. How can you deny the fact that Jews died there? It`s like saying in 100 years time people will deny 9/11, which will be crazy to us whom are living in this decade. Or, let`s present an example which is more real to Muslims (because many are already denying 9/11..) : What if we in 50 years time denied the bomb explosion that happened in Lahore during Easter?

There are many people like that out there, there are many Muslims with those kind of mindsets out there. I`ve met some of them. They do exist. So to you who want to deny that Muslims do bad things too? You`re dead wrong. Try to put yourself in their shoes. People like you are the ones who try to turn some of our history into a lie and I can`t let people like you do that. What happened in Turkey or Pakistan is just as real as Holocaust. Your denials won`t make the truth any less believeable and true, your denials won`t change the stories and lives of millions of people.



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