You handed me a short note with some rules for those who`re a “russ” this year. I didn`t need one since I`m simply not participating in any of that celebration, so I told you I don`t need it.

“I`m not a “russ” anyways”, I said and gave it back to you.

“Oh”. You looked at the card and asked me why I`m not a “russ”. As if it was a must. I told you I didn`t quite like the idea of the whole thing. You didn`t hear me. You asked me again why. I explained why once again. Then it came towards me, you know.

“But it`s fun to be with your friends, you know.”

I looked at you. Didn`t reply. Perhaps acted like nothing. I could`ve said a lot, but I didn`t say anything.

My friends are Sara and Thea. I trust them, I spend time with them every day at school. Just this Wednesday Sara and I spent two lessons together on talking about our beliefs and religion. Oh God, those exciting things, you know. It was fun, I learned a lot and we “challenged” each other. No, I`m not a “russ” and Sara and Thea are second graders. Even if they were in my class, I would`ve not been a “russ” because I believe you don`t need to spend money on those sort of things in order to celebrate your graduation because no matter what people say, that`s the main point of the whole russecelebration.

But, I don`t either think you need to be a “russ” to be able to have fun with your friends. So dear girl, hopefully you didn`t mean to be mean, but the way you said it made it seem like the only way to have fun during this time of the year in this situation is to be a “russ” with your friends. I didn`t say this to you nor am I intending to, because I don`t think you would`ve liked or understood any of this. By the way, what friends are you talking about? The not-so-existing-friends? I don`t have any third-graders who`re my friends and it surprises me how you`re so.. blind? How you don`t notice things or see things? I don`t even feel like explaining anything anymore.

While drinking and partying around, don`t forget there`s so much more to this world. And perhaps even more important: I won`t be having any less fun that you.

Processed with VSCOcam with a7 preset


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