I`ve always been different. In primary I was treated differently by students around me. I was bullied for years. I must confess, it never hit me as in “They`re evil people, I need to take revenge”. I was more like “I don`t know why they`re mean to me, I will still be kind to them.” Now, in high-school, I`m more independent, I know myself better and I fancy being different.

Being different means not being the same, and I must confess I feel different every day. Not only as in my way of dressing up, but I stand up for myself, I`m not afraid to tell other people my opinions, I`m not afraid to raise my voice. Different can be understood as unusual. Being in the newspaper for “complaining about your school” is unusual. Having speeches in front of students as a student is different. Crying in front of people while telling them about your past is different. I was judged for being different 10 years ago and I`m still being judged. The difference is that I probably wasn`t aware of it at that time, but now? Now I sure am.

Do you know why I blog? I blog for many reasons. I love writing, I love writing about important issues and discussing them, I love sharing my voice with people. But I also want to let you, whom are reading this, know that it`s damn okay to be different. I`m not going to lie. It hurts to realise that people put me down and are still putting me down. It hurts to think of everything people planned to step on me, but today it makes me proud to also realise they had enough time in their lives to spend some of it on me.

It`s okay to be different (of course as long as it means something positive) and it`s damn alright to not be like everyone else. It`s okay to wear that hairband, it`s okay to not wear make-up, it`s okay to not be like everyone else. You know what they say – everyone else`s taken, so why not be yourself anyways?

That`s one of the reasons I`m still blogging. I want people to find the same love in not being like everyone else. I want to inspire people to be who they really are. I love being different and I don`t find it shameful to let people know. Oh, and let`s not forget how fun it is to prove people damn wrong.



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