This song gives me these shaky feelings. I love this song, even though it`s 5 years old. Yeah, because what are words if you don`t really mean them? Why would words matter if you don`t mean them? It`s important to be there for someone you love, not only through your words – actions speak louder than words.

That`s why I`ve kept some people close to me, because really – what are words if they`re only for good times? What are words if you really don`t mean them when you say them? They become words without any meaning, they become nothing. Some days ago I read through a very old conversation I had with this girl whom I somehow considered as a friend whom maybe was better than I thought she was – I told her I don`t trust many people. She was saying many care about me and that might be the case, but if you care about someone, you`re there for that person. You don`t show up once every second year just because you need him or her. It`s simple to say “I care”, it`s simple to blow these words up everywhere, it`s easy to run around and leave scars.

I know there are many people out there who feel the same way. Many end up feeling insecure on behalf of other people`s lies, it gets hard to trust people and it`s easy to end up believing nobody cares. It`s never really like that, but I`d also like to say something to those who tell someone things they never mean. It hurts and it`s awful to comfort someone by telling a lie. It`s not a good feeling to have to hear words which you the next minute start doubting. So if you don`t mean something? Don`t say it either.


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