All of the photos in this post are from Sachsenhausen

DSC_0751Today JK & Co are in Poland. Four days ago, the 13th of April marked 4 years ago since I was there myself. Four years. Time sure flies by.

Every second year the ninth and tenth grade at Østmarka has this trip where they visit Poland, Czech Republic and Germany. I don`t know whether their schedule is the same, but we visited four conzentration camps, three capitals, one city which the Nazis destroyed and some other tourist attractions.


But do you know what left me shocked? Do you know what left marks on me? The camps, the city where Nazis had killed so many innocent children. The meeting with Magnhild, whom survived the war and told us our experiences. I don`t know how many times I`m going to say this, but I ended up falling almost asleep while she was talking. How disrespectful, I know, but blame my sleeping routines which were upside down because of the trip, hehe.. Thanks to Charlotte whom woke me up and told me not to sleep. Other people fell asleep too and we had to wake them up, which was a lot more fun than being woken up, haha. Anyways, now I`m getting a little too chatty. The point is – I`m so thankful for meeting Magnhild and I`m so glad that she spent her life after the war telling people what had happen to her. We needed it.


Thank God we were asked to write a diary during the trip (not that I wouldn`t anyways) and Thank God I`ve kept it with me for these 4 years. I read it now and then and the memories come back to me. The things I saw in the camps, the legs cut off, the hair, the children`s clothes. The memorials, the beds. I can`t explain how I felt when I was there – I was in one of the camps last year too. There`s something else about walking on historical paths where thousands of people were killed because they were who they were, because they were something someone else couldn`t accept. It was weird because 75 years ago we would`ve been killed if we were there, but now? Now we`re safe and sound. While we`re walking on places where people used to cry because the love of their live was shoot.


I recommend everyone to visit these places. There`s a crazy huge difference between sitting in the classroom and learning those things and actually seeing it for yourself. Standing there is an experience and moment I`ll never forget.

I feel a little sorry for the next generations, as the victims and the people who can tell us important stories from the first and second world war are slowly dying. Magnhild died last month, which saddened me. That`s why it`s so important to keep these stories alive! I want to thank Østmarka and for everyone else who made the trip so memoriable. It was the best trip ever. 🙂DSC_0637


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