Dear all of you who attack Muslim women like me when we stand up for ourselves.

You hate me just because I raise my voice. You tell me I should not talk about Islam, since I don’t use the Hijab and even wear “Western clothes”. You don’t think it’s appropriate for me to travel 3 hours every day, because girls aren’t supposed to go 1 meter too far from home. It doesn’t matter if they just want to achieve something. You believe Muslim girls should not have their faces in the newspaper. You want us to shut up. You threaten us. You want to keep us forever inside a glass house to control us. Sorry. No, I am not sorry, but I just can’t stop laughing!

You blame me for wearing skirts – what about you threatening your own daughter? You blame me for not having my hair in a ponytail – isn’t that better than treating women horribly, like you do? You tell me I’m too chatty – isn’t that better than hitting your own kids just because they didn’t listen to you? You tell me I’m shameless for talking to boys – is that really worse than hitting your own wife? Is it really acceptable to control every aspect of your daughter’s life? Not letting her talk to boys? Slapping her because she looked into your eyes? Is that really what your religion teaches you? You tell me I’m destroying the name of Islam and my family’s reputation – what about you killing your own daughter and leaving her dead body somewhere, just because she fell in love with a boy you couldn’t accept?

That’s what I would call shameful. So, you know what? The next time you see me, I will still be wearing pants and you will be able to see my hair. I will answer right back at you if you say anything mean to me. And one day you will see my face in the newspaper again, and I will tell what people like you do.

Just because I can.




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