Oh My God, guys. Can I just say thanks for the comments and responce on the post from yesterday? Ever since I posted it last night people all over the world have been visiting my blog. And thanks to those who shared my post with other people – especially Nils! I`ve written some of my best posts spontaneously, so it`s always fun to see how much people love them. 🙂 The message`s really clear – I`m not affected by those Muslims who tell me to go home and learn how to become a nice doll. It wasn`t an attack on Islam (I didn`t even talk about Islam as a belief, just those who belong to the religion..) and I know a lot more than people think I do.

Anyways, haters gonna hate! Today I`ve had the most views ever so why should I care? 😉


PS: If there`s anything you`d like me to write about on here, let me know! I`ll note it down and try my best. 🙂



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