Some time ago someone I know (she calls herself a fan of me, haha) wrote a text inspired by me. I want to share her piece of writing with you guys, as what she wrote really needs to be heard.

I often see a lot of girls my age, older and even younger colour coding, matching shoes or lurid bags, and even trying to wear the same perfume or pounds of makeup. I fail to understand what is so exulting in it. I would say it is insolence to the beautiful, intricate works of art each one of us has been carved and molded into.

Why, when every individual is set with a different frame, a different mind and a different personality, do we try to compare and match each other? Why go with the flow when unconventional still exists? There is not one person like ourselves in the whole wide world, then what are we ashamed of? If we cannot appreciate this heavenly anatomy, what “reforming the whole world” are we talking about?

With burgeoning trends, everyone tries to shadow those who set them, often forgtetting who they really are, in the process. Even if not comfortable, it is done to seem “cool”. But do you know what really is uncool? Treading on the same path just because someone else, is uncool. Not standing up for yourself and for what`s right, is uncool. Pursuing something just for the heck of it, is unequivocally NOT COOL.

That is why I say, let me be me and I let you be you. Only when we be ourselves, no matter how plebeian, we will truly realise our worth. Dream big, chase passions, find happiness in every trivial situation, speak your mind and most of all DO NOT CHANGE FOR ANYONE.

You might laugh at me because I`m not like you, I laugh at you because you`re all the same. Trust me, if you feel I am different, I don`t mind. Typical isn`t all that great either.

That should be your disposition.


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