I pass by.  I have no idea you`re here. It didn`t cross my mind you`d be here. Before being able to change my direction or turn around, I see you. It`s been almost 4-5 years since I`ve seen you. Yet, I recognise you. And I guess I always will. Maybe you`re thinking I didn`t see you and didn`t recognize you.

I see you. And you see me. Guess what happens next? Your eyes fall on the girl you`re talking to and I can tell you`re talking about me. You smile one of your mean smiles and look back at me. I can feel it. I walk by and I bet you`re still talking about me.

Who are you? One of those guys who spent a time of their life bullying me. And God wanted me to meet you today. Now.

But I smile. I walk by and smile. My heart`s laughing. You may have changed, but your habit of talking about people behind their back? It clearly hasn`t.

I`m not surprised. I knew you wouldn`t change just like that.

Do you remember what you used to do? You used to run after my brother along with one of your “best friends”, so you could annoy the hell out of him. You used to scold me and call me names all the time. You used to make fun of me. You told me I`m nothing while you? You were one of the coolest boys in our class. You used to laugh at me. You used to annoy me with your disturbing nature.

And today you`re still laughing at me. But you know what? It`s great to see you and know that you still haven`t moved on from primary school. It`s lovely to see you behind me. It`s lovely to see that you`re still the same, but unfortunately I`m now big enough so you can`t hit me.



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