“Why do you look at the speck of sawdust in your brother`s eyes and pay no attention to to the plank in your own eyes?”

If I remember right, I was introduced to this verse from the Bible by either JK or some other teacher at Østmarka. I believe in this even though I`m a Muslim. In my opinion, it has nothing to do with being a Muslim. I`ve seen people from all kind of religions, places and cultures do this. We just can`t see anyone else happy and succesful. If anyone is one of those two things? Run and go drag them down. It`s as if most of us live by that one rule. If someone does something good, most people look for that one thing that is wrong. Doesn`t matter if the dress is black instead of red, or if your makeup isn`t as good as you think it is. You can`t be successful without being hated because of that one thing you didn`t do. You can`t be happy, you can`t be nice, you can`t be honest, you can`t be lovely, because it will NEVER be enough to EVERYONE.

Being good is never good enough either. It means you want to pretend like you`re just so good, or you`re seeking for attention. In some cases this can be true, but some people don`t even know the person while claiming such things. But it`s always “But” and “What if”. If you`re rude, it means you`re full of shit and you don`t deserve any respect. It`s as if we look at each other and we automatically try to find mistakes and flaws. “No, you look ugly. No, you can`t do that because you`re like this and that”. It drives me crazy. I won`t include confidence and self-respect and all these great values in this, because after all, you as a human being are responsible for that on your own. It just makes me sad to see that people can`t be happy on your behalf anymore, and have to search for something wrong all the time. Stop it, will you? Nobody`s perfect and you might as well look at yourself before trying to find out whether the next person is perfect or not.We`re only humans, and we have our mistakes, flaws and unique sides when it comes to how we look and our personalities. Nobody`s perfect and most of us are just trying to find our own place in this mad, mad world. So if someone tries to be a good person, then make them want to try even more. Don`t put someone down, no matter how big or small the situation is. You`re not perfect either. Nobody`s perfect. And putting down someone who`s trying their hardest definetely doesn`t make you perfect.

Not everything is as easy as it seems. Writing this makes me laugh because it reminds me of those dumb idiots who NO MATTER WHAT have to put everyone down, regardless of the situation or the matter. As if anyone`s perfect in this world. Honey, if you were perfect you wouldn`t put the next person through hell just because they`re trying to be a nice person. Keep that in mind.



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