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Why is being different a bad thing?

Actually, not everyone`s that different. It depends on the eye that sees. Some people think being fat means being different, while an abnormal dressing style is referred as something different.

I feel very different when I`m in the classroom with my own class. No single soul bothers sitting with me, unless they really really have to, which is when there`s no other seat empty. I feel very different. I am different. But why is that usually a bad thing? Some months ago there was an article where this girl said “You`re a fantastic person, but you don`t fit in. We don`t have the same type of humour, so we didn`t exactly know how to behave. I want to invite those who don`t have many, but I know the atmosphere changes because of that.”

Why is different humour a problem? Or a different dressing style? Or a different way of thinking when it comes to some things? Why does it matter even when that someone is fantastic? A good human being? Why don`t most people allow themselves to get to know people who`re not like them? Do we need to be identical?

I understand that it can be easier to talk to someone with the same belifs, interests or values. I`m a Muslim and my best friends are Christians. We don`t look at God at the exact same way, nor do we read the same Holy book. But we`re still best friends! Why? We challenge each other, we have a lot to learn from each other and.. nobody`s ever going to be like you. Having Christian friends have taught me to accept other people more and increased my self-awareness. It`s amazing to be with people who`re not like me. I find it very odd and funny how my classmates keep being with the same people over and over again. Not that I hang out with Sara and Thea whenever I can – but I don`t have anything against being with people who`re not like me as long as they`re nice and good human beings. You can`t like and love everyone – but trying to get to know someone who`s not like you won`t harm anyone. Who knows, you

I`ve always been treated differently and nobody has ever really told me whether it`s because I really am different or if it`s because some people have no lives. On one hand I`m proud of myself, on other hand it`s draining to have the same thing happen all the time. Why is not being like everyone else a bad thing? Why can`t people be happy on behalf of other people? Why can`t more people spend time with me, see me for who I actually am and accept me? Don`t they like me or is the problem something else?

It`s driving me crazy.


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