Today`s been a good day. Maybe it was the busdriver who bothered driving us (we were only students in the bus) to the school and not only to the station which is 3-4 minutes away. Maybe it was the sun or maybe it is the A the teacher`s giving me in written English. She`s by the way a lovely teacher – one of the best I`ve had during my time at Nannestad. It made me sad when she told me she feels like she hasn`t done enough at all to help me and my situation. Not that she`s wrong, because I believe the teachers can at least try, but it just makes me sad to see other people sad, you know?

Apart from that – I`m having the speech on extremism and radicalisation (+social control and negative culture as I`ve of course edited it) for another class. I`m not exactly sure when I`ll be having it, apart from very soon. I advised a teacher some weeks ago as I want to do it in front of another class, and she was one of those who listened to my speech last December. I`m a liiiiiiittle nervous (God knows why), but I`m really excited. I just hope more are open-minded and more realise the problems a lot of Muslims and Non-Muslims as well, are facing. I hope they realise there`s so much more going on around them than they know. 3 years ago I didn`t know there were so many strong Muslim women talking about social control, but today I`m really happy I`m in touch with some few of them.

Most of the students are Non-Muslims, so this shall be interesting.  The class I`m going to have the speech for, is sociology and socialanthropology (I took this course last year ), so it really is relevant and hopefully I`ll receive great feedback. I`ll keep you updated on how it goes. 😉

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