Guess what? I ended up having the speech today. Yep, I`ve already had it! I feel so odd and weird – is this my life or am I living someone else`s life??


It went very well, I think, BUT somehow I always end up thinking my speeches and presentations are messy. Perhaps because I have a million things to say, but I don`t have all the time in the world. Or maybe because the topics are complicated and so confusing. Nevertheless, I believe I left an impression on some people and that`s all I really could ask for. There were also some questions and thoughts that I`d like to write more about later on – we`ll see about that. Let`s just say my mind`s going crazy at this moment and studying politics isn`t really helpful either.

Right now I`m more focused on the test of term I`m having for politics on Friday. Oral is too much because we have to answer questions based on what we`ve learnt this year + make a good presentation on 24 hours. The “problem” with this subject is that there`s too much to read and learn, too much to familiarize ourselves with and too much to understand. Let`s hope for the best – I think the teacher will be quite nice so this might go better than I think it will at the moment.

I`ll talk to you on Friday – hopefully I`ll post something I`ve wanted to post for quite some time or something related to my speech then. Be kind to one another meanwhile. 🙂


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