Tomorrow I`m having a meeting with the principle – I have no idea what we`re going to talk about. I e-mailed him to ask him what`s happening with the measures we talked about back in February (and for your record, it`s May now), and he just asked me if I had time to talk to him tomorrow. Of course I have time to talk about something very serious, but I`m a little tired of having to always run after the school to get something done.

We`re having this meeting tomorrow and I won`t say a word about it, because like I said I don`t exactly know why he wants to have a meeting. I only know why I`d like to talk to him. But is this really what it should be like? In this case it`s only me, but is it really up to the parents and students to let the school know about their duties and responsibilities? I messaged him September 2014 and then we talked again about 1-2 months later and after that we didn`t talk for quite a long while until this February. And then the principle told me he thought everything was okay because I smile whenever I greet him – are you kidding me? Have you guys noticed something? I`ve been the one who`ve started the “conversations” here, it`s always I who`ve had to do something, whether it is to send a “provoking” e-mail to an organization or a message to the principle. And that`s really not what it`s supposed to be like.

I feel like I`ve been writing this for a long time, without anyone really giving a damn about this. Ever since I started at school, I`ve been told to tell a teacher or a grown-up if there`s anything wrong, if I need any help or if I`m in trouble. But has it been worth it? It was only worth it at Østmarka – thanks to especially the teachers there. But at Bjørndal and Nannestad? Sorry, but those schools have really disappointed me.

This is really tiring. On one side it feels like I`m not doing anything, on the other hand I feel so exhausted. I`m so sick tired. I waited two months because I know especially the principle has a lot to do, but why say words you don`t mean or can`t keep? They could`ve at least let me know what`s going on? Even though they should`ve prioritize this not only for me, but for all the students who`ll show up next year and the years after that.

It`s not only the principle`s responsibility. He`s only one person – there are about 100 teachers and 700-800 students. Where are they at? I really feel like nobody`s doing anything, I`m not taken seriously. After my article in 2014 most people talked about me behind my back instead of to me.

Because everything`s fine at our school and it`s okay if one or two students feel lonely. It`s completely fine because for all you know, they might be making a fuss. It`s fine if someone`s not having a good time. After all, it`s not everybody else`s problem. It`s okay to spend hundreds on stupid red clothes, songs, on buses and on drinks, but it`s nok okay if people are lonely and crying, and talk about it outloud. 


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