Lately I`ve been thinking of funny things I`ve experienced in life and I thought I`d share some of my favourite memories with you guys!

♥ I`m the sort of person who while it`s happening, thinks it`s scary, awkward or silly, but later on, I`ll laugh about it. In February, 2013 I and my class went out skiing. I had skiied before (believe it or not, JK), but I`ll forever remember this day. . It was fun and I enjoyed it, but on my way home it wasn`t that fun anymore. You know the sharp end at the bottom? Somehow I managed to get it in my eye on my way out of the bus. Happily there was this young teacher from my school there, so he noticed how I fell down and couldn`t see anything for some few seconds. My eyeball was red and I needed a little help, and God had sent an angel for me, hahah. . I took the tube with him and I remember how he checked my eye from a close view. Now that I think of it THAT was awkward too, but all I can do is to laugh. .Thank God, nothing went wrong! When I told JK the next morning he was worried and surprised at the same time. How did I even manage to do that?!

♥ Of course the most insane things happen on behalf of JK`s commandoes. Another thing he managed to make me do, was dancing. . Don`t you dare ask how it went. I and this other Pakistani girl in my class decided to do the flashmob dance they did in ESC back in 2010, here in Oslo. I wanted to do something Indian or Pakistani for a change, but she didn`t want to, and since I wasn`t allowed to be alone AND since nobody listens to me, I had to go for it. . Let me tell you. It was A-W-K-W-A-R-D. If JK told me to do it again, I would say NO! I have no idea how I managed to dance in front of my class, knowing our dance was the worst. We were first out, I believe, and the other groups were better than us. Just saying. JK really knows how to get things done.

♥ The trip to the forest in June, 2013. I had lots of fun! I can`t remember the conversations exactly, but I remember JK studying us all of a sudden. He said “I wonder who of you will get married first”. This indian dude said “Probably Katie, because of her parents”. Everyone laughed and looked at me, haha. . It might sound rude, but I thought of it another way. First of all, something like that will never happen. Also, I only had some days left. We had been in the same journey for 3 years, and now we were going our own, seperate ways. I don`t know about them, but I`m a little excited about who everyone will end up with! Only time will show.

♥ I had a lot of fun in 2014 in Pakistan. Especially with the other girls! One night I`ll remember forever, is when we laughed all night long. . I and this 15 years old girl talked about our different lives, and we laughed and laughed. . We were 9-10 people sleeping in the same room, and everyone was asleep, but we?! HELL, NO. I could barely fall asleep and that night, sleep wasn`t much important. If I remember right, I woke up the next morning with a really sore throat, all crying, hahaha. . The things that manage to happen with me!

♥ At Bjørndal we had this trampoline, and one time I and two girls from my neighbourhood decided to go yolo and jump after midnight. We laughed, we screamed, which leaded to a little angry neighbour who showed up in her nightgown. Do you think we took her seriously? Not at all, hahaha! We couldn`t help, but laugh secretely, and told her we`d stop it and go inside. Do you think we did so? Hehe, nope. . We went inside a while later. I`m glad we did so! Those times will never come back, and memories are all we have now.

DSC_1526.JPGØstmarka School

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