Last Wednesday I had this speech/presentation of mine. There was especially this one person that had a lot to say. “Just because Muslims do so, doesn`t mean it`s Islam. And everyone understands the Quran different ways”. I feel like I`ve already said a lot of what I`m about to say, but it won`t harm anyone to repeat it one more time.

I mentioned Kadra Yusuf, who became known in Norway when she went public about Imams encouraging women to take part in “female circumcision”. I think she`s a brave woman who`s raised her voice about something very important. But, of course someone has to says this isn`t Islam. Sorry to say this, but female circumcision is talked about in the Hadiths. But, that`s not the point at all.

To all the Muslims who love defending your beliefs, your religion and your own people – I`m sorry, not sorry, but people like Kadra have already taken of some of your veils. I`m tired of the whole “we`re peaceful people, those terrorists aren`t”. I`m not even going to discuss whether religion is the problem or not because you know what? I don`t even know what to believe. But I do know little girls are married to 50-years-old men, I do know many girls out there aren`t allowed to finish their education because marriage`s the biggest and greatest priority and I do know daughters are being killed for getting married to the wrong guy.

To me, whether Islam says it or not, these things are wrong. And that should be the main thing here. That should be the focus in the debate here. It`s morally wrong. It destroyes lives. So many are too focused on what women are wearing on their heads instead of what they`ve got inside their heads. I understand all the questions about Hijab and the Niqab, but if a woman`s trying to fight against social control then fight for the same with her, not against her. Try to understand the seriousness.

So dear all of you who think I can`t be talking because Muslims aren`t at fault at all – you`re dead wrong and frankly I`m just going to ignore you. Not every Muslim is a bad person, but not every non-Muslim is a bad person either. There are things going on in the Mosques, at people`s homes and in the public that aren`t alright.  What about those who`re never allowed to step out of the house because their parents don`t allow them to? Do you think daughters being force-married is alright?Do you think those are stories we love to make up? Well, if you absolutely really, really have to – ignore those “fake” stories, but let people like Kadra do their jobs at the same time without your threats. We don`t have time to listen to your excuses – we`ve heard them enough times. There`s a reason we`ve had enough.

And in the very end I just want to give you a little warning: One day we`ll win and you`ll hopefully realise how wrong you were.


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