I can`t really complain because I decided to graduate at Nannestad. I don`t have the right, I don`t have reasonable reasons when I could`ve chosen a school nearer my house.

The principle said this to me on Monday.

I don`t hate him or anything like that, but when he said this I wasn`t sure what he wanted anymore. It was irrelevant, it was unnecessary. But I`ve been wanting to write this down for a long time now and I think the time is right now.

I`m independent, which means that if I want to do something which doesn`t involve anyone else, I do it. Why? I want to. In tenth grade, when I moved to Nannestad, I had to make a decision. Did I want to travel 4 hours and sometimes even more every single day just to finish the 6 months I had left at Østmarka? Or did I want to go to school which was a 10 minutes long walk away from home? I picked Østmarka and I don`t regret a second.

That`s what I did when I moved again last November. I doubted my decision at first. I told people I was going to leave Nannestad and start at another school. When I went to Pakistan, I changed my mind. I didn`t want to – I couldn`t leave just like that.

So I stayed. I travel about three hours every day, if I`m lucky two and a half.

My heart was heavy when I made the decision. I had contacted many other schools, checked out everything. Was there any other school where I could have all the 4 subjects I wanted? Nope. Nannestad was the only one. So my decision was kind of based on this, but I like to tell myself I`m just not the person to leave a school. I finish my plan if I have a plan.

So I went back to school January 2015. It was a burden then and it still kind of is a burden. I`m thankful for having the opportunity to learn something new every single day. I`m so thankful for having Sara and Thea – they`ve made the travelling more worth it. But it still sucks sometimes and it sucked even more in the beginning.

I used to cry in the bus because I felt so alone. I wasn`t always able to explain myself why I still was going to Nannestad when nobody really made me happy there. I didn`t feel heard, I had no friends. Other days the travelling was okay, days passed by and somehow it`s May 2016 now and I`ve survived. Some of the credits go to Sara and Thea who`ve I`ve spent more and more time with and whom actually do care about me. I frankly don`t care about the cultural differences between us – we care about each other, want each other well and that`s all that matters.

But travelling about 3 hours every day still sucks. I know there are people at my school who`ve got a longer way to and from school, but those I know of used to and still are having a great time at school. Many times they have someone to spend the time with on the bus. I have the roof. And sometimes a book. It sucks when I`m alone and time never seems to pass by. When I have to wait for the trains and nobody waits with me unless I somehow end up talking with them. It`s worse when you live far away from a school you don`t really are happy with and aren`t enjoying your time in school. Especially those days when I know I won`t be able to meet Sara and Thea are worse, but thank God, there aren`t that many of them either.

Yes, I could`ve chosen another school. There`s one ten minutes away from where I live and another one perhaps 20 minutes away. But I decided to have my graduation at Nannestad because I can. I know dear principle, that said you`re glad I`m still going there, but you clearly don`t understand my situation when you think I don`t have reasonable reasons to complain. Wouldn`t matter if I had a 5 hours long route – where I live is irrelevant. There are people who live farer away than I do and still have friends – do you think me not having friends has something to do with where I live? It just makes me annoyed. I lived at Nannestad for over a year – it didn`t get me any friends.

So dear principle. The problem here isn`t me “complaining” for no reasons or my long way home or where I live. The problem here is you not taking me seriously and throwing weird statements around.

But I guess if you were to understand, you would`ve understood long ago.


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