“Maybe it`s YOU who need to change and try to get to know people a little more, instead of complaining about them on your blog.”

I`ve heard people say this a million times. It`s making me tired.


First of all, why do I need to change? It`s not like I`m one of those people that just don`t care about people around me. I don`t spread rumors, I don`t back-stab people. Nor am I bullying anyone. The problem here is that I`m not like everyone else and I`m not sorry for saying this, but I`m not exactly going to do anything about that “problem”.

I don`t expect the whole world to be my friend. I don`t expect my classmates to be my friends. Frankly, I got rid of that idea during the first year. But, everyone can be nice and everyone ought to be nice. It`s nice to be nice and if people can`t be nice, we have a real serious problem. This is serious because people aren`t allowed to be who they are, without being told to change and become someone else. I`ve tried to get to know people. I`ve given up now on that and what matters to me now is kindness. What so if my classmates don`t really care about me the same way? I`m always going to be nice.

About this blog – I love sharing my thoughts, my experiences and opinions with you guys. I`ve been sharing what`s going on with me in school and how I`m treated because it`s important to do that. It won`t help anyone if I`m silent about it. And now you might say it`s not going to help anyone if I`m open about it either, but hey, unlike you I`m trying to make a difference here. I want to inspire you guys to keep going on. To raise your voice about issues and topics that need to be talked about. I want to show you guys that it`s possible to stand up and get going even when the going gets tough. It was nice to let it out last night, but I also hope you were inspired to make your very own decisions and not let anyone stop you. There will always be people along the way who will try to put you down, complain about your success and be jealous because you are who you are. I want to tell people it`s almost impossible to please everyone, so just focus on the road and keep doing your thing.

I`ll quote an amazing women I look up to in the end: Someday when you get where you`re going, you`ll look around you and know it was you and the people who love you who put you there. That`ll be the greatest feeling in the world. 



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