I mean.. I really do feel the love. THANK YOU SO MUCH for loving my final product so much. I was very nervous as I had spent hours on editing the video and I knew it wasn`t perfect. So isn`t my English, plus it was my first video ever. I decided to share the link on Facebook and told myself to log off and be on just in case I embarass myelf. Hehe, just kidding. I had to log on after a while just to get a little hint of people`s thoughts and opinions.. BUT people have been so kind to me. Aaaah, it made my day! It was a school project, but I kind of looked at it as more than that. I`m going to write a post about my foundings and more of my thoughts during the weekend and I can`t wait to share them with you guys. 🙂 I`m just glad people were pleased to see me “live” and talk about something I`m really passionated about.

But, I`ve been thinking of something. I shared a link two days ago and I didn`t realise my real name was written on the page. And now you`ve seen who I am, so the question is: Am I really an anonymous blogger now? I don`t know and to be honest – I`m both scared and happy. I`m perhaps the weirdest person ever. But really – is it okay for me to act like nothing and keep blogging like I`ve done till now or is it no big deal? What and who do you look at me as?cute-love-photography-pink-text-Favim2

I should stop thinking about it for now and go to bed. Meanwhile, let me know what you think! It`d be nice to hear some comforting words, haha. Be kind to one another. ❤


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