I`m going to dedicate a whole blogpost to Agnete, Norway`s position in this year`s Eurovision and our song Icebreaker.

The first time I heard Icebreaker, I was surprised. There`s a tempo-shift in the song, but I liked it. Agnete has such a powerful voice, she shines bright and she`s very strong.


Thursday evening Norway didn`t make it to the final. I`m from Norway and some might take my support for granted. My favourite was and is Norway and I was shocked when Måns and Petra didn`t pronounce Norway`s name. I was disappointed and well – pissed off.

Norway had a new style. The song was something different and some didn`t find the tempo-shift appropiate. BUT, there`s a big but here. Georgia was worse. Their show was confusing and disturbing. I had no idea what was going on. There were other songs that didn`t deserve to make it to the final. Norway was powerful and had something new. But Europe couldn`t handle our awesomeness.

It made and still is making me extremely disappointed. Another thing Norway has been criticized for, is Agnete`s way of dealing with the contest. She hasn`t been participating in the events, nor answered interviews from the media. She`s struggling mentally and wanted to give her whole attention to her performance and her song. And so she did and I was moved to tears during her performance. She was simply stunning.

I wonder what kind of taste people have these days. Or do the countries vote for their neighbours? Eurovision has changed so much and I`ve noticed how many countries in the grand final vote for their neighbours. May I ask why? Eurovision is a music contest, not a “hey-let`s-vote-for-our-neighbours-so-they-vote-for-us” contest.

Yes, it really is a music contest. I understand people get to know the participants through interviews and events, but during a semi-final or the grand final what should matter are the 3 minutes they have on the stage. The show, the voice, the music. How many questions Agnete has answered shouldn`t matter. People should respect her way of doing it and I`m proud of her because she did things her way. The media can be too much to handle for some people. There are also very few participants, perhaps no one else than Agnete, whom replies to her fans on social platforms. Not that it should affect the results – but what about that?

Agnete struggles, but she has kept fighting on and she gave 200 % on Thursday. People couldn`t accept something new. People couldn`t accept that some people have their own ways of doing things. It makes me disappointed, but I`m proud of Agnete who represented Norway and I`m proud that we did something unique and didn`t follow everyone else. To those who want us to get out of this contest and believe Norway has nothing great to proove to the world in Eurovision: Norway has made it to top 10 the past few years. Poland made it to the final in 2014 with their odd show. And what about Ukraine and their dancing in 2007? I wouldn`t call that real music that gets to my heart, but they almost made it to the top in the final. Same with the Russian grandmothers with the cookies. Are those things a must now to make it to the final?

I`m just pissed off. No matter the reasons, we were better than some other countries. But, nobody could handle us , but let`s try to put it this way: We were kicked out by the countries who didn`t want to hand over the throphee to us. 😉

I`m going to watch the grand final tonight, but it`s going to be very boring. I like Sweden, Poland and perhaps Belgium but none of these are my favourites. Nobody`s going to break ice tonight. Too bad Europe kicked out the only icebreaker.


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