I feel bad about not updating you guys for days now, but I felt like I was too busy to do that. Last Friday we got to know what subjects we`re having our written exams in (Norway has an odd system, but I like it) and I`ve been drawn for psychology and politics & human rights. I was happy then, but now I`m going to be even happier if the topics are digestable, hehe. My first one is on Tuesday, which is very soon. To soon, actually. The teachers started talking about the exams during the first year and now we`re here. The first exams started today and I`m sure this month will be over before I`ll  even be able to blink my eyes. That worries me. A lot.

tumblr_norumsjkXH1r706ofo1_1280But for now, I`m going to relax and be proud of a presentation that went very well today. And of course update you guys. I think a lot and say a lot to myself, but I`m too lazy to write it all down. Or maybe it`s just people. Let`s blame the people.


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