Today I want to talk about something that made me feel very happy and still is making me very happy. The video I shared, where I`m talking about bullying, was shared some days ago in a secondary school.

It makes me so happy to know people want to use me and my voice as an example. People thinking of me that way, is a joy. Knowing someone I`ve never met thinks good of me, is for me crazy and I had never imagined something like this would happen to me years ago. I dearly hope that I set a good example for someone out there. Who knows, maybe someone actually does look up to me?

The reactions were very sweet. The students believe my English is good, haha. Thanks for that one. They also thought of me as someone professional, as I according to them know what I`m talking about in the video. It doesn`t stop there. They also read my article from 2014 on the bullying and loneliness I`ve encountered. All of a sudden everyone went mute, until someone broke the silence and said “We should`ve have taken care of her!”

I mean.. nah, words become useless. I want to give a hug to you who said these wonderful words. I cried when I read them and I`m crying as I`m writing this. Thank you so so much. I was stunned and touched, I had no idea what to say.

I guess all I can say is that people like you make me happy.




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