Almost three months ago I told you guys about an offer I had received from a magazine called Sisterhood. You can read more about it here. It was (finally) launched the 16th of May and I`m so so happy that I got this opportunity. I consider myself very lucky and I have to convince myself 100 % that I should keep writing for them.

If you want to read my first text, you can do it HERE. I might just post it on here too, as well, as I think everyone ought to read my text. 😉 It`s different from all the others too, and if you look for the about page and click on “writers” you`ll be able to read each writer`s text. If there`s one thing I`m really disappointed about, is that the whole magazine is all over the place. I`d prefer a PDF-file or something so I could read it online as a “real” magazine. I`ve let one of the editors know my thoughts so we`ll see what happens! However, there`s a lot of interesting reading that can be done on the site so if you`re interested, make sure to have a read!



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