Last weekend I talked to a group of Muslims on Twitter. I was invited and thought I`d say yes. But, to be honest I was wary, because I wouldn`t call everyone “open-minded”. I already felt like a outsider at that point, but said yes because who knows? I might be surprised.

And oh, dear. I really was surprised.

A book called “American Terrorist” is being realeased next year. For more information and the critics, click HERE, HERE and HERE. Please read these before you continue to read this post.tumblr_n17dw8sYTO1ryxdx3o1_500

In short, this book is about a guy, who according the name most likely is a muslim. He gets radicalised and eventually becomes a terrorist. Of course a very interesting plot and topic for me, who`s been participating in the debate here in Norway and is involved in some discussions now and then on social platforms. But, as you perhaps can tell, some people aren`t happy about this book being published – or for that matter they`re not happy with the author either.

I mean, really? What is the damn problem? It`s a book. Book can make us happy, they can hurt us. They can change the world. For some people the road to terrorism is easy, appealing and short. The book is about ONE or perhaps even TWO people that get radicalised. I don`t understand what the problem is. It`s ONE book. It doesn`t say ALL Muslims get radicalised or become terrorists. I don`t understand. Radicalising happens – even in the USA.

Or..maybe not? I dared to speak up and let everyone else in the group knew I had different opinions. They were on and on about the book. I want this book to be published. The plot is interesting and can make us learn a little more about what goes on in the mind of someone who`s getting radicalised. We can learn more about the changes that occur. But instead, I was told I`m a racist, I hate Muslims (Yeah, right, I hate myself too now) and I have a destructive perspective. They also accused me of generalizing, when I not only once, but several times explained how  SOME Muslim boys and men get radicalised. Sorry to say this, but this is the reality. Then the typical and classical question appeared: Why was I in a group for Muslims when I hate Muslims and when I`m destructive?

What am I supposed to say? At that time I wasn`t able to say much, because they threw me out. Which clearly proves I wasn`t allowed to have my own opinions among some Muslims. I`ve encountered this before, but oh my, how do you talk about love and peace and at the same time throw away someone with their own unique opinions?

The author`s intentions can always be discussed, but denying the reality is pathetic. Those people wanted to convince me that radicalisation is something that pretty much doesn`t happen in the USA. The percentage is 0,1 – perhaps not even that. I mean, what are you trying to feed me with?? Thank God I have my own brain with me wherever I go. I know better than that. I was so pissed off that day, even though I perhaps shouldn`t waste my time on something stupid like this.

Alright, everybody`s got their own opinions, but I`m sick tired of 1. Muslims trivialize a book NOBODY has read and 2. Many Muslims (and non-Muslims) are more worried about their reputation and honour than young girls at their age who have to go through social control and negative culture. It makes me so upset and frustrated that I have no idea what to do about myself.

Maybe I should chill and do what I need to do. I really hope Simon & Schuster publish this book next year, for people to read it. Those who don`t want to read it and help people who need help, can stop bullshitting about it too. It`s a book which is the reality for not only some American boys, but Norwegian and British boys as well. Just because it doesn`t represent you, doesn`t mean it`s a lie. It HAPPENS. Don`t stop other people from writing stories other people, yeah, even young people, can recognise themselves in. Whether you want to believe it or not, is your problem.


4 thoughts on “THEY KICKED ME OUT

  1. I soo agree with you more !!
    Ignore those ppl that are mean. They simply trying to be ignorant because they are too afraid of truth.
    They close their eyes to it & become blind.
    Let them go. Your far better off then them

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for this motivation!! I absolutely agree. I know people have different opinions, but the least you could do is to listen to someone. Being blind isn`t going to help anyone.


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