Friday and.. I`m done with almost all of my exams? Haha, I can`t believe it. I asked myself yesterday what homework I have to do this weekend and I have nothing. No homework anymore. Perhaps revise a little for the subjects I think I might be selected in. That`s crazy. I`m graduating very soon and I`m getting older and older. In about two months time I`m joining the university.. What if I`m not ready for it?!

By the way. The summer came without any warnings and it`s too much to handle.. Where is the snow?? I can`t handle more than perhaps +15 degrees. I feel uncomfortable and unpleasant in the sun. Thank God I don`t live in Pakistan or India – I`d faint everyday, haha! It`s worse when the buses and trains almost are on fire.

large (50)

I have noooo idea what I wanted to accomplish by writing this. I just felt like blogging. Later today I`ll publish a post about something I can`t wrap my head around. See you around! 😉



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