I had my oral exam today and I got an A!!! Aaaah, guys!! I mean, oh my God. I`m so happy and I want to scream and laugh and dance. After my exam, when they told me to leave the room so they could discuss the grade, I knew I was standing between an A or a B. And now: I`m DONE with high-school. I only have to hand in my books now and show up on the 20th of June – time to graduate, you know. 😉

tumblr_o7i26iE9rs1v49ty3o1_500What to say, guys. I have no school anymore, I can relax as I have no homework to worry about. The past two days I`ve been doing exam preparations. There and then it kind of felt like today was never going to arrive, but all of a sudden my exam was over and the examinator told me I got an A. Don`t you think that made me very happy? I want to thank my teacher who helped us a lot. I know you`re one of the teachers I`m going to miss a little more next year.

It`s weird how I have no classes anymore or how I don`t need my course books anymore. Damn, I`m growing up. Not quite sure if I like that, though. I`m graduating and soon I`ll be joining the university. What is life?


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