I haven`t really talked much about the meeting I had with the principle and his assistent in the beginning of May. I wanted to have it a little on distance and have some time for myself to work with my impressions.

I, the principle and the environmental talked with each other before the meeting. You know, normal talking. Like I`ve said before – the principle isn`t an evil man. My problem is that he`s not taking much responsibility as a principle.

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During the meeting we went through measures. These measures were for me so I can feel safe at school and have someone to talk to whenever I need to. To be honest, I wouldn`t message the principle if I needed someone. I`d message Sara or Thea, like I did some time ago. Or JK. But the measures were nice – they`re there just in case something happens.

But then, the assistent said they had made those measures straight after our last meeting. That was more than 2 months ago, so I asked them why they hadn`t let me know. “We were anyways only going to look through them. That`s what we`re doing right now.” I had no idea what to say.

Or, I could say a lot. How the hell can people take it so easy?? How can people be so relaxed about it? These measures won`t change that much for me, as I don`t need them as much as other students do. And what difference will it make? I`ve almost finished 3 years at Nannestad – they decide to show up with these measures one and a half month before my graduation. Are you kidding me? Better late than never, but really? Somehow I feel abandoned.

Something else that was said was very unnecessary. I`ve already told you about it, but one more time won`t hurt anyone. The principle said my reasons are unreasonable because I moved away and decided to finish high-school at Nannestad, instead of joining another school that`s perhaps 15 minutes away. My mind was just like “What do you want to say?” I just had no idea how to interpret that, but I realised they don`t really take me as serious as I hoped they would. Neither did they involve me in the process even though they told me they would and.. nope, I just got disappointed.

And I let them know I`m disappointed. Again they said sorry and I`ll appreciate it, only if they handle next cases way better. I really, really hope they listen to the students who`ll join the school after my graduation. I really hope they stop taking such serious issues so easily. My time at Nannestad is coming to an end, and to be honest, I`m proud of how I handled it. How I let them know about my situation. I`m not proud of how the school handled it, but at least I`m proud of myself.


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