Yesterday I was on my way home when I started thinking of things that make me happy. I think it`s important to remind yourself of things that matter in life and things that make you happy. They don`t need to be big things – what matters is that they make YOU happy. Before I start listing anything, I want to share a little “story” with you guys. I went to Pakistan last summer. The temperature was for me almost unbearable, I felt like suffocating, I missed my own bed which was way colder and I missed winter. Believe it or not. On top of it I was fasting and I wasn`t able to do much. It was worse when I went to my mum`s hometown, where the light goes off for some hours every day. Electricity and my bed is something I`ve been taking for granted many times. When I came back to Norway, it was a huge relief to be back in my room. I`ll never ever take my bed for granted – the same goes to my desk and my own room. So, guys, the little things that don`t seem to matter at first are exactly the things that matter and what makes you life more colourful. Well well, now to my list! Hopefully this will give you a happy boost. ♥ Do share what makes you happy below in the comment section.

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♥ Books/notebooks
♥ Fountain pens
♥ Talking to my friends
♥ Nice weather
♥ Smiles
♥ Discussions.
♥ Fries
♥ Spaghetti/pasta
♥ Writing
♥ Road trips
♥ Nice and inspiring comments
♥ Hugs
♥ Compliments
♥ Making other people laugh
♥ Autumn
♥ Photos

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♥ Visiting Østmarka
♥ Talking to my family on the phone
♥ That moment when you`re laughing so hard, you can barely breathe and your stomach hurts
♥ Kindness
♥ Being told I`m an inspiration for someone out there
♥ Seeing anything I`ve written in a magazine/newspaper or seeing my name in the newspaper
♥ Random kind messages

That was it for now! I hope you guys like reading posts like these – they definetely give me a boost and motivation!



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