Today I woke up to a message from my teacher, who told me I did well on my Norwegian exam. I started screaming, as the crazy person I am, haha. I also got my two other grades, which I`m actually satisfied with, even though I wish I had done better.

I know many students have a different system. Many receive the results during the summer holiday, but here we receive them a little before the schoolyear`s over. Much better, if you ask me. I don`t want to spend the vacation being nervous about my grades. But, regardless of your situation, I`d like to say something to all of you.

Your grades are grades. They don`t define you, they don`t define your knowledge and they don`t define your personality. I know this might be stupid to say if you need specific grades in order to be able to join a certain study, such as medicine. But, nevertheless this is true. Grades aren`t everything. I mean, who doesn`t want A`s all the way? Who doesn`t want to be on top of the world? But a C or an E isn`t the end of the world. You can`t be best in everything and please tell yourself that an E doesn`t stand for “you`re such a loser.” It`s just a number that might suck, but that`s how it was meant to be and you`re so much more than a number. It doesn`t mean you`re stupid, it doesn`t mean you`re good for nothing. Go through the list of the wealthiest and most successful individuals in our world today. Individuals such as Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerburg, Richard Branson, and Elon Musk weren’t really amazing students in the classroom. They showed their brilliance outside of these confined rooms. Grades do not measure intelligence.

Don`t let exam results decide what you`re going to do, who you`re going to be or who you are. I don`t think slacking off in school is fine, but I think it`s important to do your best, be proud of what you`ve achieved and not get too hung up over a bad grade. Having two or four of them on your diploma doesn`t mean the end of the world. You`re going to be okay. School`s not everything. Life`s so much more.



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