I started this blog as a project for my English class. I didn`t have to keep blogging after November/December, but I wanted to, so I kept writing. Now as this school year is over, I`m thinking whether I should keep this blog or not.

For me it`s been great, because I`ve received so many nice words and comments because of this blog. In the beginning it was weird for me to even have one person read my blog, so I`m extremely thankful to everyone who`ve read my blog, left a comment or sent a message to me because of something they`ve read here. The first weeks I posted about specific topics where I shared my opinions or thoughts. Now I do that, along with posts where I share a little of my life with you guys. I love blogging, as I love writing and I love to receive nice feedback. This blog has also given me some opportunities I never thought I`d get, so this place really means something to me.

But, I`m not sure if I should keep this blog or not. My mind`s confusing me. I want to, but I`m not sure. One of the reasons why I decided to keep this blog, was my readers. So, should I keep this blog? If so, what would you like me to write about? What do you want to see more of on this blog? 2014-03-18 11.00.32



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