Remember how you commented anonymously and literally told me to get away and start on a new school? Remember how you weren`t brave enough to write your name? Well, I approved your comment but didn`t reply to it. Today I will.


Here I am. I didn`t start on a new school, neither did I walk away from Nannestad. I kept fighting, I kept doing my thing and I graduated at Nannestad. I told myself that no matter what you guys do, I`ll finish my time at that school the 20th of June. And so I did and you know what? None of you guys were able to stop me. I hope your stomach hurted a little some days ago when you saw me and realised that nobody can stop me from shining.

My “problems” were that 98 % of the school wasn`t taking me seriously, not much was being done and my classmates didn`t treat me the way I deserved to be treated. And if I had decided to quit, who knows – maybe someone else would`ve gained my position and ended up being lonely too for quite a long time? The “problems” here were mine, but they were “problems” because of you guys. So if there`s something that needs to change, it`s how the school deals with challenges and situations like these and most people`s way of treating people. Kindness is caring – not ignoring.

Thanks for the advice, though, but I didn`t need it. And oh, I have some advices to you. 1. Teach yourself some proper grammar and how to write properly. 2. Next time talk to the person you don`t like instead of commenting not-so-kind things on their blogs. 3. Be kind.

Trust me, it`ll get you far. Farer than this comment got you.


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