“What do you want to become in life?? What are your next plans?”

A typical question. It`s a question I`m used to, especially now as I`ve graduated. Many people`s answer is “I don`t know” or “I`m not sure.”

I`ve applied for university. Exactly what is something I haven`t told many, as I want to keep it to myself for now.

I think most people think of jobs and further studies when people ask them what they`re going to do after high-school. Someone wants to become a doctor, while someone else wants to become a business man or woman.

But what if my plans involve never dying? What if the first thing that pops up in my mind, isn`t a specific studyline or job. What if my answer is “I want to help people, I want to be someone to someone else.” What if I never want to die, what if I want to do something which involves telling people stories they`re perhaps never going to forget? What if I want to become who I actually want to be? What if I have plans like that? Is that alright?alone-sad-girl-waiting-someoneNow as I`ve graduated, I realise the whole big and great future is in front of me. I feel like everything was safe until now. Now I have to get out there, get a degree or even two and get a job. I need to start earning money and actually do something about myself and my life. I need to explore myself, the world and people around me. The future scares me. I don`t want to be any older than I am right now. A huge part of me wants to stay right where I am, while the other part is excited for what the future holds for me.

I think every person needs dreams that don`t involve studies or jobs and I think it`s okay to dream big. So, no matter what degree I get or what I end up studying, my wish will always be to never die. I don`t want to live in vain. I want to be someone to other people. I want to live on, even after my death.


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