I don`t know what exactly life is, but I do know it holds a lot for you.

Sometimes you`ll spend time with your friends. You`ll laugh and smile and think for yourself how good life`s treating you. You`ll hug your friends and feel like you got all the happiness in the world. Other times you`ll hug your friends while you`re crying. You`ll find yourself crying on the bathroom at 2 am. You`ll be crying in front of people you love, because you have to let them go even though you don`t want to. You`ll find yourself laughing about something sooo stupid, that you won`t even know anymore. You`ll be looking at a person and you`ll know what`s meant to be. You`ll betray and abandon, and you`ll be betrayed and abandoned. You`ll think about someone you`re not supposed to think about. You`ll find yourself between two decisions, all helpless because you`ll have no idea what to do. You`ll spend time with your family and friends. You`ll fall in love, and you`ll get hurt. You`ll try to be something you miss. Sometimes you`ll stop believing in humanity, sometimes you`ll stop trusting the people you believed so much in. You`ll find yourself doubting, you`ll shout, you`ll hurt and bleed. You`ll be in a plane and visit different worlds. You`ll be hungry. Not only because your stomach is empty, but because you feel like life`s empty. You`ll ignore someone you once thought you could never ignore. You`ll talk to your friends about that one cool boy or that very sweet girl. You`ll stumble and fall, sometimes you`ll stand up and keep walking. Sometimes you`ll send a message to someone and stare at the screen “just in case” that someone replies. You`ll be jumping and dancing around some days, while you`ll be sitting at the floor, crying some days.

No, I still don`t know what life is, but I know that no matter what, your life will sort out itself. Nobody said it would be easy, but it`ll be okay, one day. It`ll all be okay.



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