I`ve graduated from high-school and thought I`d share some things that happened there, which were annoying. There are things from high-school, but I know these happen in primary and secondary too! Perhaps even the university. Feel free to share some things YOU think are annoying that occur at school. Maybe there are things I haven`t noticed or which don`t happen here? Well well, let`s get started! PS: It`s still weird to talk about school in past tense – I`m still not used to it!

– Gossip and rumors. This is typical. People act so cool, but when it comes to saying things TO people, they back away and run away. What do people even get from blowing around rumors about other people? I can imagine how horrible it is to show up at school while everyone else is whispering and staring at you at the same time. . Stop it, will you?

– Group projects. I`ve rarely had really amazing group projects where you know, it just happens PERFECTLY and you get a grade you deserve and you feel like a real team? At high school, I didn`t have many of them. I didn`t feel like people actually listened to me and my advices weren`t prioritized. Some people love lazing around and let the head master do 99 % of the work and when the day arrives and I have to deliver my project or have the presentation, I feel really nervous and oh, God. Makes me question why certain people even are at school.

– When people complained about “bad” grades. B+? Oh, wow, you really failed! Who am I kidding? I know some people work their heads and butts off, but hello!! It`s not the end of the world if you get a B and not an A for a change. Everything can`t be perfect and sometimes things don`t go your way! Perfectionists really need to sit down and have a loooong talk with themselves!

– Cliques. Oh, where shall I begin? I`ve had E-N-O-U-G-H of them. I used to see them everywhere. Okay, I understand having a best friend or even more of them and wanting to be with them because you know them better, but welcome to Earth, there are 7 billions other people living here! When you`ve been in the same class for 2 years and you don`t know anyone else apart from your so called best friends, you`re doing a bad job. You don`t have to stick yourself to the same people all the time, you should talk to strangers too, as well! It was so normal to hang out with the same people over and over again and not bother about the rest much and be all like “We are THREE people in this group and we have no space left for a fourth person so um, we don`t want to get to know you.” Sure, in my class several students talked to each other, but it was the same people together over and over again.

– When I was sitting alone and there weren`t any empty seats, but yet my classmates decided to sit in the corner of someone else`s AND not next to me. Okay, you know what? I get it. Once this girl said “You can come and talk to us if you want to, though.” Nah, I`m not sure if I want to talk to someone like that.


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