My prayers and thoughts go out to all of those who`ve been affected by the attacks in Turkey, Iraq, Saudi-Arabia and any other places as well. It really crushes me and I can`t understand how someone, no matter who he/she is, can do something like that. I don`t even get how someone can allow themselves to think of doing something like that, but this world can be a crazy and sad place and the past days have been that for too many.

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I also need to let out some frustration, because people love victimizing themselves and acting like they know everything. I`ll keep this short. Okay, so first of all: I`m not the biggest fan of the media. The media can act stupid. Yeah, the media might cover some events less than others, but that doesn`t automatically mean especially us in the Western World doesn`t give a thing about those who`ve lost their lives in Iraq. Do we treat people differently? Is an American life more worth than a Pakistani life? Was the terror in Norway more brutal than the terror in Iraq or Turkey? No, there`s no difference between our worth. There`s a difference between how close we are to people. Now, I want to ask the Muslim who`re so busy stating how we are hypocrites and care less about you: Did you, just like me, cry when 77 people died 22nd of July 2011? No? Does that mean that you care less about Norwegians? Not automatically, unless you as a person actually do. Loss, sorrows, brutality and terror affect us no matter what. But the closer it happens to us, the bigger is the pain and sorrow. Not all of my Norwegian friends felt the same sadness as I did when Peshawar in Pakistan was attacked the 15th of December. But, I don`t blame them. They`re not Pakistanis – I am. And to all of you who believe the media never covered anything from Iraq or Turkey or wherever – they did. People see what they want to see and believe what they want to believe, sometimes.

Over to my second frustration: “No Muslim would ever do that. No REAL Muslim would ever do something like that. No Muslims do that.” This is often stated by especially Muslims. Give me a break, will you? It`s like this never ends. After every damn attack Muslims start building their walls in panick and have to play the victims. Let me correct: No GOOD Muslim would ever do that. A person can be a really shitty Muslim, but he`s still a Muslim. Just because someone doesn`t act according to a religion doesn`t mean they`re no longer a part of that religion. This is so freaking stupid that I can`t even. A human can be a damn terrible human being – but he or she is still a human being. He may be acting like an animal – but he`s still a human being, whether you want to believe it or not. So please, please stop all these stupid acts as it`s never in a million years going to help us.

Okay, sorry if this wasn`t short, but I just had to let this out.



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