I`ve always known that I want to help people and I`ve always wanted to become a writer. And so I will. But, what else? I`ve applied for university, and today I`ll reveal what I`m going to study from next month of.

Social anthropology.

Why? I don`t have one answer to that. Some people have told me to think of jobs. I might end up jobless because of what I`ve decided to study. But, I think there`s ALWAYS  a chance for that, right? We need all kind of people whom study different things – everything from medicine to psychology to nano-technology. We need doctors and psychologists. Now I don`t know what I`m going to do with the degree(s) I`m going to end up with, as I can end up with anything and get an offer I never thought I`d get. People who have a master in history work with TV. So I`m not thinking too much of what I`m going to do later on, as a person never really knows.

I wanted to learn something that can help me become a better citizen and understand the conflicts that are going on in the society. It`ll also help me with understanding the different socities we have around the world. I had sociology & social anthropology one year in high-school, so I have a litte idea what it`s about, but I`m excited about what the future holds for me.
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Right now I`m in Germany – I arrived here yesterday and I`m going to spend the next two weeks with my family here. Sorry about not blogging much lately, but now you know why. 🙂 I hope everyone`s having a great holiday!


2 thoughts on “WHAT AM I GOING TO STUDY?

  1. Pff don’t listen to those people who say you can’t get a job with that Anne! They say that about a lot of studies nowadays (including journalism, but one of our teachers assured us that graduates always find a job afterwards). Also there are lots of jobs out there that you won’t need that or any degree for, so you won’t necessarily be jobless anyway. There are always jobs out there, just study what you want to study! You can always study something else after graduating if you feel like that will increase your chances at your job (and if you’ll find something just as interesting!) Hope you’re having fun in Germany ❤

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