“This isn`t Islam. This terror has nothing to do with Islam. Real Muslims would never even think of doing something like that. Which means that Muslims don`t do such things!”

Alright. Let`s say it had nothing to do with Islam. And I agree – 99 % of the Muslims aren`t responsible for terror attacks.

But I wonder why many Muslims, and then I really mean many Muslims and many Non-Muslims too for that matter, stand up and yell about these things and..that`s it?? Why do they want and expect peace, but don`t want to do much to actually stand up for equality, brotherhood and love? Why do they talk about peace, but don`t do much to build up the peaceful society most of us dream of? Why do the condemn terror, but let a lot of unjustice happen right under their noses?

Great, you`re against terror and condemn every attack. But what about social control, negative culture, this sick honour culture and the oppression especially  Muslim women have to face every day? What happens to your toungue then, what happens to your mind then?

Where are you when women are being married to someone against their will?

Where are you when women are told not to educate themselves and go to school?

Where are you when boys are told to stalk their sisters whenever they go out because it`s all about their reputation and honour?

Where are you when mothers opress their daughters and tell her to remain shameful?

Where are you when human beings aren`t allowed to live freely?

It`s really tiring to see people I know and don`t know talk about peace and love, yet do nothing to do anything about it. “Why is this happening, it needs to stop.” Condemning terror on Twitter or Facebook won`t save the world. Get out there and try to help people. Educate yourself, get more knowledge and don`t leave discussions just because.

If “real Muslims” would never kill anyone, then they would never let their daughters get married to whoever, they would never tell their kids to hate gays and Jews, and they would`ve never allowed opression against women, either. These are things many Muslims do, but they don`t want to talk about it. Instead they believe it`s only about terror and therefore believe condemning it will do, which isn`t the case.

A “real Muslim” might condemn terror, but that`s not where the list ends. Remember that.

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