Perhaps a little late, even though I wrote this several days ago. Was meant to post this the beginning of this month, but woops. Anyways, here you go!


♥ Join university, start studying social anthropology and buy everything I need to make this school year amazing. I`m starting the 15th of august, so there`s not much time left. Ah, I`m excited and nervous, guys…

♥ Have a great first week at uni, which they call “the starters week” or something? According to the plan we`re going to do different things, such as bowling!

♥ Get safely and happily back to Norway! DONE – I came back exactly one week ago. Great to be back, even though I miss Germany and my family. 

♥ Give myself a huge pep-talk before the 15th of august. My life`s going to change and a new chapter is about to begin. It`s important to remind yourself of the things that matter now and then and definetely before you`re about to open a new chapter. I also feel like so much has changed since the last time I gave myself a new beginning which was when I started in high-school.

♥ Start going out for runs. I stopped because of exams and Ramadan, and after that I was too lazy and then there was this trip to Germany.. BUT this week I`ve been out for a little run every day. Not anything “huge”, as all I want is to be a little active. 🙂 Hopefully I`ll be able to keep it up the next weeks. 

♥ Give my room a little fresh-up. I need to re-do my wardrobe, clean up the shelves and make sure everything`s set before I join uni – I brought with me quite a lot from Germany, and I`m almost done cleaning up my room. 

♥ Get myself a job and hopefully even start working!

What are your goals this month? Anything interesting/exciting happening this month? Let me know!


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