High-school is long gone and I`m already starting a new chapter. Damn it, I`m a grown-up now and have more responsbilities?

I don`t know what to say, guys. Other than that I`m joining university tomorrow. Like I told you almost a month ago, I`m going to study social anthropology. I really hope it suits me and I really hope I`ll enjoy my first year. I thought I was excited and not so excited, but now I feel more..sad?

I don`t really know what to expect, other than being hopeful. I can feel that this is a new decade for me, but I really don`t know. I should be happy about finally being able to study whatever I want to, but at the same time it seems so pointless. Like I mentioned in the last point – I want to study and be 18 forever at the same time. I should perhaps focus on the new beginning that`s ahead of me, but instead I`m focused on how I`m closer to death. God, I`m aware that sounds so silly, but that`s the reality, right?tumblr_n1pgqy3OA21qcf1bio1_500.jpg

Whenever these thoughts show up, they don`t want to leave. They`ve been showing up a lot lately, mainly because of university, I guess. I need to shut out these thoughts, get a good sleep and hopefully I feel better tomorrow.

Good luck to everyone who`re joining university, high-school, primary or secondary school either tomorrow or during the next week! We`re all in this together. 🙂


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