Ah, guys!

I`m so thankful to God that I woke up all fine and feeling way more ready than I did last night for a new chapter. I enjoyed a long breakfast, got ready and..wait for it..missed my train. Yep, I did, but I only came 1-2 min late so nothing happened, haha!

large (7)

Since the first two weeks are what they call “the starters` week” (I think?), there are a lot of social events going on. The main point is to get to know each other, so we were divided into six groups. We talked, had lunch together and enjoyed this welcome-ceremony, before we went to this park, played some games and had a great time. Personally, that was my favourite part of the day. 🙂 My fellow students are nice and I really hope we keep this kindness up for the rest of the year!

Tomorrow I`m going to spend some time at the university (was about to say school, but realised I`ve joined university today – or are these two the same thing??) and meet Sara and hopefully Thea too. So excited to meet them. It`s so weird to not see them, to be honest. I`m going to miss them so much, so it`ll be great to see them tomorrow. 🙂

I need to get to bed soon. And yeah, as you can tell and as I`ve already mentioned before, I`m not going to stop blogging. My time at Nannestad might be over, but I`m going to keep naming my voice so you won`t be able to get ready of me that easily 😉


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