Today has been a very great and fun day. It started with a meeting, before we went out and participated in a “treasure hunt”. It was very fun – we danced, had a quiz, did karaoke.. Oh, together it was so fun! Afterwards we went to this park I used to go to when I was little. Some exchange students joined us too and I talked a lot with them. It`s weird how people from Japan choose little, tiny Norway, but know that everyone`s welcome here, haha! They had several questions about Norway, of course, and I had this other guy tried to answer them as good as possible. Hopefully they feel smarter now!Sofien1-600x338                                                                                                                                Source:

The days are longer now as I spend most of the day at the university, but I think it`s very important to get to know the people I`m going to spend the next three years with.

Tomorrow`s a shorter day – it`s going to be great to be home earlier and get some good sleep. These days I tell myself to be in bed by 11 PM, but when I get home I have to relax, read and watch some serials and “suddenly” it`s past midnight.. I guess that`s what it`s going to be like tonight too, haha!


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